Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
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Since some months ago, a lot of parents are getting confused with how their kids behave. That is because the online learning process changed everything. Unfortunately, the online learning process turned into something not so good. That is because not all of the students are able to learn well with this kind of learning method. As an addition to that, the fact that there are some teachers that only give materials and homework made it worse. This is why a lot of parents are getting crazier every single day because of this kind of pressure. If you want to get out of that crazy situation, then you will need to know more about parents homework and fun way out of it. Yes, there is still actually a way for you the parents to get out of this madness while guiding your kids to be a better student at school even though they hate the online learning process that they are doing right now. The answer that you need is Lido. Lido is one of those Indian online learning where you can put your kids in. Many people think that getting extra classes will make them even crazier because they will be more homework for their kids that the parents need to help with. Yet, that is one wrong opinion if you are dealing with Lido. It is because Lido are using special ways to communicate with the students so that you will not go crazy as you are right now.

Active Interaction During Class

The first one is the most important thing that all of the students need from online class. It is the real interaction. You cannot deny that there are some teachers from school that will only give you the online video and material so that the kids can learn based on their own pace, which is not that bad. However, it means your kids will miss all of the interactions. That is why Lido is trying to focus on the proper interactions during the online class. It is true that the online class will only take few hours, but Lido wants to make sure that everything is done properly. That is why they want to create the online environment as if the one the students felt during the offline class. There are a lot of discussions, games, and some other interactive things so that the students will have a lot of interactions even though they are learning alone at home. This is the most important thing that Lido wants to highlight during this pandemic time.

Lido Learning

Special and Unique Assignment and Homework

The second thing that you will love from Lido Learning is the special and totally unique assignment. When you are talking about assignment, you might think that your kids will always ask you for the answers of the homework. That is something acceptable from the school homework. However, it is totally different with Lido. Lido has found that there are actually a lot of different homework and assignment that the students can do at home. So, homework and assignment are not only about answering questions on their textbook. Can you imagine if your kids are helping you preparing dinner using the math that they have learned through the online learning? Or maybe when they are helping you to tend the garden because they want to take care of the flowers for their biology class? That is the kind of unique and special assignment that they will get from Lido. Lido is focusing on the direct engagement of the materials that they give. That is why the students will love to do all of the assignments and homework from Lido and you do not need to answer any questions from your kids.

Full Time Academic Support

The last but not least is the full-time academic support. Yes, this one might be one of the best of all because you can call Lido and ask about the development of your kids anytime you want. It is like the counseling office at school. Some of you who have joined the similar online learning might have noticed that you will be redirected to the customer service if you want to ask anything about your kids. Fortunately, Lido split those functions apart. If you want to know more about how well your kids do with Lido, you can easily arrange an appointment with the academic support. After you have arranged the schedule, you will be able to meet the person in charge. That person from Lido will answer all of the questions that you need about the development of your kids. This way, you will be able to know how well your kids have improved after joining Lido. As an addition to that, you can also get some tips to handle your kids at home during this pandemic time.