I am sure you have read countless definitions to understand what growth hacking is all about. But let’s try to explain such a confusing profession to a 4 years old. A growth hacker is someone who runs a lot of experiments to optimize what works. His main focus is to figure out how he can grow a business. Ever heard of someone talking about a growth hack? From now on, when you will hear this term, you will understand: an experiment which provided growth results. Sounds simple?

If you wish to discover tactics to acquire and retain a growing flow of users, answers are often tricky to find. To save you time, you will find below every successful experiment I have found throughout my life. Feel free to share this diary with your cofounders.

Julien Le Coupanec“ I meet with too many growth hackers who run their experiments without tracking precisely what is happening. I can’t see the point about spending a precious time to implement ideas if you cannot make one single conclusion at the end. Don’t hurt yourself and make sure you take a few hours to design a tracking system before you go deep into execution (it can sometimes be as simple as tracking clicks with Bitly or to add a few conversion pixels). ”


Activation & Retention


23 y/o College Dropout. Former Growth Hacker at TheFamily. Video Editor at Growth Hacker TV.